Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why IBPS has given another notification for Clerk result rather than to disclose Result?

Dear Aspirants,
       Welcome to all, we will discuss this matter in short.
As IBPS already mentioned in the notification of the clerks that there will be interview process, but now our Finance Ministry is saying to abolish interview process even the notification was posted by IBPS in the month of July – August 2015. So what to do in this situation to give justice to all aspirants who deserve it.
Now, IBPS has sent an application to Ministry and mentioned that what to do for this recruitment process which was published in 2015. So, IBPS is eager to disclose all things but waiting for the reply from the government.

So what’s the situation now?

Actually IBPS have not taken any exam to know the aspirant Psycho level. No aspirant is good in all manners/fields if he/she has good marks in the exam. IBPS can disclose results hastily but this may not equality to some one who is not good in written but good in facing customers. To select deserving candidates, IBPS is late in result.

Corporate with IBPS But why?

Corporate with IBPS will benefit for the equality/justice in result for all. IBPS Clerk Exam occurs one time in a year so it matters to all. So many aspirants has many hopes with this. Aspirant who has less marks (can be 1 mark) in Mains doesn’t mean he is not a deserving candidate to face customers in banks. In hastily to disclose result, it may injustice to one of the aspirants who was right person but not get in due to only few marks in written without any physical or psycho test.
Aspirants from all over the India was doing telephonic calls to IBPS about results ,for this thing,  they put a notification for more time.

We hope the decision will be in the favor of  deserving candidates.

For more suggestions or queries you may ask from us.
Good luck to all :)

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