Monday, 8 February 2016

IBPS PO- After scorecard when Final Result will disclose?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. As we know the score-card for IBPS PO has been released yesterday. On the same day we had added the post regarding score-card disclosure and finally IBPS has released it.

Anyways after score- card what will be the next step by the IBPS?
This question raised by many aspirants, but hardly any site has disclose about this query. But no need to worry, we are here to help you on the situation what the students demand in this time. In this mean time students are eager to know the further process by the IBPS about the final result and banks allotment.

Friends, score-card has disclosed. Now, IBPS would disclose final results, but it will disclose on 1st April (most probably) and on 31st march, the list of last year waiting list will disclose.

Why result will disclose in April, as the process is almost over for PO?   
IBPS is a dominant to organize tests on various recruitments, in the mean year IBPS has to complete the whole process for the recruitment. IBPS has to disclose Clerk and SO results too. Thus, the process has to complete before 1st April by the IBPS for these recruitment also, and that's a reason. IBPS will complete all the recruitment processes mainly Clerk and SO before April and result will disclose on the expected date. On the same day i.e. 1st April, waiting list marks would also be mentioned by the IBPS and they would be allotted on 31st March 2017.

As we know there were 3x times of students selected for the interview. IBPS will select the candidates who secured high marks and allot the banks to each student according to the priority we had given. Allotment of bank will vary with the marks you have secure in the written and interview. The weightage of marks would be in the ratio 80:20 i.e. written would be 80 and interview marks would be in the ratio 20. High marks will get 1st priority bank as mentioned by him/her and so on.

On 1st April, IBPS will disclose result again with interview marks. Also the candidate who will have good marks he/she will be selected and would be allotted a bank.

Then, the list of the selected candidates will hand-over to the main head-offices of the banks. IBPS work would be complete here. Further process will depend on the banks, different banks would call the students in the different months. Most likely months are June, July, August and September. Particular banks will disclose the lists for selected students and offer them joining letters. 

Thank you stay tuned with us.

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