Saturday, 6 February 2016

IBPS - IT Specialist Officer job profile and salary. And how it is differ from PO?

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Welcome to visit here. Today we are discussing about the profile and salary for IT officer.
IT officer in banks basically provides technical assistance in the banks. An IT Officer maintain and monitor the networking and communication
system in the banks. The following jobs done by an IT Officer in the bank are:

  • Troubleshooting system and communication faults
  • Diagnoses and solve the problems in computer system
  • Operating system problems
  • System performance
  • Provide new and better technology in the bank computers
  • User friendly network among users
  • Most secure and reliable services
  • Check obsolete technology and systems

IT Officer or PO, which is best? And salary of an IT Officer.

IT Officer is a technical employee and a PO in a bank performs various non-technical functions in a bank. Both fields have their own pros and cons. Promotion channel in PO is much faster than IT Officer. Even you will have to switch in general banking to get faster promotions. A PO deals with the customers directly and give facilities to them face to face, where IT officer deals with bank employees only.
Transfers in IT officer are less as compare to PO. IT Officers are usually posted at regional offices means in metro cities and dealing only with bank employees.
Both ranks are well respected and Scale I officers. Salaries are mostly similar in IT Officer and PO i.e. Rs. 34,000-40,000.
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