Friday, 5 February 2016

Importance of Computer section in IBPS Exams.

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What students usually do with this section?
One of the most easies section in the IBPS Exams. In clerical the marks weightage is 40 and in PO it is 20. The weightage is as high as with reasoning and quant. We always give focus on reasoning and quant on which mostly students are weak. But as an easy subject we take it lightly and we don’t take computer serious as compare to quant and reasoning.
Students usually do this and get score 20-25. Even as an easy subject 20-25 marks are not good enough. And these marks effects much on total also. After result we realize we should focus on computer also, but after result what matters.

What should do?
Dear friends, if computer section in IBPS exam, means free marks in the exam. You may get full marks in this section with less efforts as compare to the quant or reasoning. And the marks weightage is much effective on the scorecard. So give emphasis on this section and make it your favorite subject. Once you will read it all, you will have good marks in total and efforts would also be less as compare to other subjects. Don’t take it lightly.

How to read this section if you haven’t read it in graduation?
In all other sites only material provided but the way to crack, no one tells. First of all, if you are using smart phone then don’t think it is hard to understand the computer terms. This problem occurs to those who are not computer backgrounds. They always confuse how to read and what to read. They even unable to understand the terms in computer section, results they are not able get enough marks. This things effects on the total score.
You have to clear concepts one by one. Once the concepts would be clear you will able to solve related questions. Suppose if you are reading about a question related to virus, then read all virus types. It means you have clear the concept of virus. Similarly you can clear all concepts with all types. No need to go in deep, just go with basic terms in first phase, when you will clear basic concepts then go with moderate level related to IBPS sections.

Some most important concepts in this section are:
  • History of computer
  • Memory
  • MS word/Excel/Office
  • Virus/ Crimes on internet
  • DBMS
  • Networking
  • Operating system types
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Languages (basic)
  • I/O devices
  • Components of computer
  • File extensions
  • Security
These are the most important topics usually asked in exams. Clear basic terms in details and solve quizzes and note out the topics you get new one or you are not clear for that one. Daily 1 hour is much for this section. Easy and very important section. Don’t ignore it to consider as an easy subject.
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