Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Weak in English. What is the correct way to improve it?

Dear aspirants,
Welcome here to visit, as you know matter discuss on main points only. Read it must, will helpful to all.

Two main points of english language are: One to understand and second to speak. Both are important because they are interrelated to each other.

English language, one of the big hurdle for one of them who is not good in English or whose native language is not English, in the IBPS, Railway, SSC or any other exam. Moreover aspirants are unable to get sectional cutoff in English language. Again when merit comes, due to low marks in English as compare to other ,hence out from the competition.

Why we are weak in English?
First of all, keep in mind English is not a subject, it’s a language and language is what we speak in daily routine.
And other thing is that our native language is not English., hence a reason for weak in English. No need to rote tenses if we speak English regularly in our society. No need to learn bulky vocabulary if we frequently use English in daily routine. But we never speak in English in society and in daily routine. We usually speak in Hindi, Telugu, Kannad etc which is our native language in the city or society. We never speak or focus on English thus we left aback from English language, hence weak in English.

Now how we can improve English if our native language is not English? 

Friends, to improve English we can’t force someone to speak in English, but we can make ourself to be able to speak in English. Read newpaper loudly, chatting in blogs or other areas should be in English, watch movies, watch news in English atleast 15-20 minutes and try to understand what they are speaking etc are the things to learn a language instead of reading tenses or books.
Now some of them from you will think we know already this thing what reading newspaper etc. Friends, again we are telling you it’s a language not a subject on which you may get tricks to learn. So, try to read a paragraph daily and write words in a copy you will get from the article specially from the ‘The Hindu’ newspaper article. Read article again and again until you would get the full meaning.  At least 40-60 words you will find daily in newspaper which would be repetitive. With this routine daily watch at least 10-15 minutes news in English or watch any channel in English like discovery or natgeo. One major thing you have to do is Think in English always. This daily routine will effect on you 15% , after more days it will grow up to 45% and so on to be perfect.

Friends definitely you will be perfect in English if you would do it daily. Starting days would be irritating/difficult but as time gone it will be lightly to you. After some days it will be your favorite subject definitely.
Don't try to make excuses that in our city no English newspaper distribute or etc etc. If no newspaper, read online , you have to just read an article online and keep word meaning in a copy.

Keep in mind, don’t waste time to rote tenses or grammar. Try to understand the language instead of try to find out the grammar in English.Try to speak English in a rhythm as we speak our native language.
In the next article we will discuss how to learn vocabulary in a correct way instead of rote it?
Note: If you want some article on the some subject you can comment us.
Thank you stay tune with us. :)

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