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Important Game Venues for various competitive exams.

 Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are listing some important game venues, usually asked by competitive examiners.
In the competitive exams some questions asked, common in many exams, one of them is Game Venues. In IBPS Exam, we always have a question on Game Venue. One interesting thing is, Venues will be same upto the given year, though new venues may be add to it. Thus, it is important to keep a file of such type of topics itself. It would be necessary for many upcoming exams.

Important game venues are:

Commonwealth Games:
2018: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
2022:South Africa,Durban

Asian Games:
2014: Incheon, South Korea
2018:Jakarta, Indonesia
2022:Hangzhou, China

Olympic Games:
2018:PyeongChang,South Koria
2020:Tokyo,Japan(Summer Olympic)
2022:Beijing,China(Winter Olympic)
2024:Loss angels,USA

Winter Olympic:
2018: Pyongchang, South Korea
2022: Hongzou, China

National Games (India):
2014:35th edition at Kerala
2016:36th edition at Goa
2018:37th Rajpur
2020:38th Uttrakhand
2022:39th Haryana

Youth Olympics:
2010:Singapore,Malayasia(1 st edition)(Summer)
2014:Nanjing,China(Summer Olympic)
2016:Lillehammer,Norway(Winter Olympic)
2018:Buenos Aires,Argentina(Summer Olympic)
2020:Lausanne,Switzerland(Winter Olympic)

Para Olympics:
2016:Rio de Janiero,Brazil
2018: Pyeongchang,South Korea

IAAF World Championship:

Military Games:
2015: Mungyeong, South Korea

Hockey World Cup:
2018: Men's- India (Kalinga Stadium, Bhubheshwar, Orissa)
2018:Women's London, England

2015: Chile
2017: India

2015: New Zealand
2017: S.Korea

2016: India (Eden Garden)

World Badminton
2015: Jakarta, Inonesia
2017: Glasgow, Scotland 

Football World Cup (Men's)
2018: Russia
2022: Qatar

Women's Ice Hockey
2015: Sweden
2016: Canada

Copa America
2015: Chile
2019: Brazil
2023: Equader

AFC Asia Cup
2015: Australia
2019: UAE

Hockey Championship Men's
2016: Argentina
2018: Netherland

Hockey Championship Women's
2016: UK
2018: Argentina

2016: France
2020: Pan European 

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We have tried to cover all Important Game Venues in this article, if you think some venue is missing, write it in the comment section, we would update it asap.
Thank you. Stay tuned with us.

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