Monday, 8 February 2016

Speed, Accuracy and Time in IBPS Exams.

Dear aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we are discussing about the very important thing i.e. Speed, Accuracy and Time. These three things plays very important role in the IBPS Exams.

Why and how these things are very important in the IBPS Exams.
We know IBPS organize exam online across the country. In online system, questions are displayed one at a time. As many as there are 200 questions for mostly exams and total sections are 5 i.e. Reasoning, Quant, English, GK and Computer.

Speed: There are 200 questions and we have to attempt as much as possible, also we have to keep in the mind that we have to look for every subject
and attempts should be high to get chances to qualify.

Accuracy: Only speed is not enough to get good score. Accuracy plays very important role in online exams. Because there is always a negative marking in the exams. So questions we are attempting should be accurate at all, otherwise negative penalty would decrease the score.

Time: One of the most important thing in the exam. Time plays an important role in exam. We should have to manage good time, otherwise due to confusion on some questions or sections we may left large number of questions which may be easy or may leave some section. Time management in exam should be in the way that no one section left due to timing.

In other words, Time, Speed and Accuracy should be manage before the exam. Never try new things at the time of the exam. To make this strategy we should have to practice as much as possible. Practice in online test series would give you clear picture and would give you real feel of an exam. New calendar has been published by IBPS, so prepare yourself from today for the new year vacancies. Grab this opportunity.
Good Luck to all.
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