Monday, 15 February 2016

Important topics for various competitive Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we are providing some useful information regarding basic things. We usually read in the general awareness/general knowledge these terms, but we don't know the meaning and related organizations to this. Students who are preparing for the competitive exams, should be aware about the basic knowledge about the organizations also. IBPS, SSC and various conductors of the exams, may ask questions on these basic things also.

Here we are listing two things:
1. Which Organization publish which Index/Report.
2. Different types of ATM's.

 1. Which organization publish which Index/Report.

1. World Economic Outlook is published by:> International Monetary Fund (IMF).
2. Global Hunger Index is issued by:> International Food Policy Research Institute
3. Global Peace Index is issued by:> Institute for Economics and Peace
4. Global Corruption Index is issued by:> Transparency International
5. Global Competitiveness Index is issued by:> World Economic Forum
6. Human Development Report is issued by:> United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
7. Gender Inequality Index is issued by:> United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

 2. Different types of ATM's we face in our daily life.

1.On site ATM -within the premises of bank
2.Off site ATM - Outside the bank premises
3.White Label ATM - Provided by NBFC's
4.Green Label ATM - Provided for Agricultural Transaction
5.Orange Label ATM - Provided for Share Transactions
6.Yellow Label ATM - Provided for E-commerce
7.PINK label ATM-Women Banking
8.Worksite ATM-Is located within the organization and is generally provided to the employees of the organization
9.BROWN label ATM-ATM are those Automated Teller Machines where hardware and the lease of the ATM machine is owned by a service provider-but cash management and connectivity to banking networks is provided by a sponsor bank.   
10. Mobile ATM-  ATM on wheels. Moves in various areas for the customers.

Thank you and stay tuned with us.

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