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Best and easiest way to solve Syllogism, including tricky and possibility cases.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we are discussing about the most important topic in IBPS Exams i.e. Syllogism.
Syllogism is usually asked in IBPS Exams. We can say this topic always asked by IBPS in exams. The level of difficulty varies with the level of exams conducted by IBPS.

Friends, we found that syllogism exists in every exam with five marks. If we would sharpen our skills to clear all questions in this topic with accuracy, these five marks are free for us. So we are providing you a very simple and effective way to solve Syllogism. Most important things to note that, try to use only one method to solve questions in this topic. If you are using Venn Diagram to solve the questions, then try with this method only to solve all questions. Never try different methods to solve different levels of questions. You can easily sort out all questions with Venn-Diagram.
And If you would sharpen your skills and understand the concept,you can easily attempt all the questions.
We will suggest you to use Venn-Diagram to solve this concept. And always practice with this method only. 
We have divided this concept in two parts. 
  1. Basic level. (Clerk Level)
  2. High level. (PO Level)
 Note: According to the difficulty level of IBPS, high level questions may asked by IBPS in the Clerical Exams. So try to clear this concept in both levels.

Basic terms are depicted in the image:
Depict Venn- diagram in this way and try to solve conclusion with this Venn diagram. 
According to this diagram we will conclude true or false statements given under Conclusion. We have to say true only for that statement which would be 100% confirmed. 
All B are A is true because shown in Venn Diagram clearly. If asked for All A are B, we are not sure, hence false. Some A are B is true again. Similarly, we have to solve questions in this manner. Regular practice will clear all ambiguities.
Either cases:
Condition 1:
First of all we have to solve each statement individually. If both statements gone false then match with the following cases:
  1. All-Some not
  2. Some-Some not
  3. Some-No
 Note: Remember these three cases, these are very important.
Condtion 2:
If two statements have same comparison words, then they may come under either case. We have to check for these two statements.

Some buses are cars.
No cars are jeeps.

Some buses are trucks.
No trucks are buses. 

We have to hit true only for those statements which are 100% confirmed. In this example, we are not 100% confirmed in both the conclusions. Means we can not say about these conclusions, hence both are false.

Now we have to check for either case. In this example Some-No relation is existing because the words are same in both the statements i.e. buses and trucks, thus the answer would be either case for this example. This is a basic level and very important to initiate syllogism. Moreover when you will practice with it in this manner, you would be able to clear all the concepts related to these.

Note: Atleast one Either case always asked by the IBPS in various banking exams.

IBPS is increasing its difficulty level day by day. In recently conducted IBPS PO exam, IBPS had asked complex syllogisms. In mostly exams, possibility cases asked by the IBPS.


Possibility Case: In simple language, Possibility means Can' Say.

Confusing things in Possibility Case:
 Firstly if you would found any of these words in the Conclusion, then it means Possibility case is there:

1-being a possibility
2-can be
3-may be
4-might be

These words shows the "Some Case"
2-very few
3-at least
4-less than 100%
7-few part

And these words shows the "All Case"-
2-every part
5- complete
6- #Only  

#Special Case:  Bit confusing.
In this case use "All" for 2nd part.
For example: Only men are child
It means All child are men.
The statement given in Possibility case should never contradict with 100% confirm statement. If 100% Confirm statement has been given in possibility term, then it will never be true.
And In case of the statements in which we can't say anything, it will true in possibility case.
Continue practice on these questions will clear your concept easily.

Some high level tricky syllogism statements are:

A few S are P. means Some S are P

Not an S is a P. means No S are P

If it is an S, then it is a P. means All S are P

Not every S is a P. means Some S are not P

All but S are P. means No S are P
Not all S are P. means Some S are not P
Only S are P. means All P are S

It is a P if it is an S. means All S are P.
All except S are P. means No S are P
None except S are P. means All P are S

None but S are P. means All P are S
We have tried our best to provide you best initiative for syllogism. If you have any query regarding this concept you may write us in comment section.
Thank you and stay tuned with us. 

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