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Networking- Usually asked questions on this topic. What are these?

Dear Aspirants,
You all are welcome to visit here. Today we will tell you the most important topic i.e. A Networking in which maximum questions asked by IBPS (mostly in case of IBPS SO).

What is networking?
First of all before go in deep, Just understand the basic definition. Connecting two or more devices to share data and communicate with each other is called networking. In this way many terms models etc. are used to connect devices with each other. After connected how data is share, again new terms will arise. After this how to secure data
, again new terms will be there. And hence in this way concepts are explored. This all about the networking.

What are the important topics which are really important?
Friends, you no need to become master in networking, but you have to clear concepts to get marks in IBPS exam. Because in all IBPS Exams , on this topic mostly questions are asked. Because this is one of the most important topic among all. Also this is an important topic and everyone can do it even who are not computer backgrounds. In computer section , just understand the terms what these are, how they connect and what does they mean. After this if you would not able to understand, do google and look images for a particular thing. With the help of viewing image you would get the exact meaning definitely. 

How to read networking?
If you are giving quiz or reading question on networking, clear full concept on that topic with all types and related terms. This will not only clear the question but also the concept and you would be able to solve all questions from that concept. This way would help you most. 

Why we are discussing if much material on other websites?
Material on the websites are enough to read, but no material for learn the material or any method related to this to read it. But we are doing this job, which will help you to give success in small amount of time without hurdles. Also no need to be confused before start preparation that what to read and from where to start and how to crack. Reading and understanding are differ from each other,   reading is the way in which you have to read before every exam, but in case of understanding, no need if you have understand the concept once. This is the job we are doing here and share with you. Serious candidate would be lucrative and ignorance may lead you hurdles , obstacles etc. No matter,everyone would be success but without obstacles and wasting of time we can also achieve success with proper starting and guidance.  Choice is yours, you have to waste time and look for obstacles or you have to do smart and effective work because IBPS Exams occurs once for each stream in a year and we can not lose this oppotunity.

What are the important concepts you should have to be cover in networking?
  • OSI Model
  • TCP/IP Model
  • Topologies
  • Virus and Crimes on internet
  • IP Address and Classes of IP Address
  • IEEE standards
  • Routers, repeaters etc.
  • Protocol
  • Guided and Unguided media
  • Network security
  • History of internet
  • DNS
  • IPV4 and IPV6
  • Data, packet frames
  • Spoofing , phishing etc.
  • Full forms
  • HTTP
  • Hub, switch, firewall
  • ETC.
These are very important terms. And related to these clear all concepts. This will help you to what you have to read and main thing how to read and clear concepts.
And your feedback will help us much. You will be highly obliged for feedback/ suggestions.
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Thank you to all.

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