Thursday, 4 February 2016

Exam preparation? A brief note on -- how to crack an exam with less efforts?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. Here we are discussing about to crack an exam.
Friends, we always set an aim to reach at a point/level but due to some weakness/mistakes we usually left aback to achieve.

Why we left aback?
Actually we usually make efforts on tuff subjects rather to make efforts on simple subjects. If we are weak in Quant then we usually make efforts and after frustration we get depressed and then again google for material. Sometimes we become unable to secure minimum marks in one section and get high marks in other. It may called as imbalanced study which gives negative results. Due to this routine even some people left the game and choose private job. This is a lack of proper guidance and good direction.

What should to do?
We should make an aim that we have to take high marks with minimum sectional cutoff. And we can take high marks in easy subjects
rather than tough subjects with less efforts. Then what is the need to make hard efforts on tougher subjects. Try to make at least 2 subjects on the tips. It means make good command or easy for yourself on at least two subjects.

Example: Suppose if you are weak in quant means you are taking 10-15 marks only, With efforts you can improve yourself up to 20-25 marks. Means only 5-10 marks. Is it enough? No.
If you are weak in Quant then try to recover these marks with good efforts in easy subject like Computer or Reasoning. In computer if you are taking 20-25 marks , you can do better with less efforts and can score 35-38. Means 10-15 marks benefit and also recover Quant marks from efforts in English and Reasoning. Because these are easy as compare to Quant. It means we have to get marks only, how to get that we have to decide and make strategy for it. Simlarily if you are weak in other subject recover marks from making efforts on easy subjects and make atleast two subjects easy for yourself. This is a smart study. It will take less time and efforts and will gives you better result always.
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