Monday, 1 February 2016

Why Banking sector is different from Central Govt Employees?

Dear Aspirants,
First of all, clear one thing, Banking is not a purely govt job. As they are called as PSU's. Unlike central govt employees they are not gazetted officers and are not allowed to attest copies of certificates.

Let's discuss about the clear concept behind it. And we will discuss in brief with main points only.

Banking sector comes under the Finance Ministry of India and called as PSU's except RBI.  Working hours are streched to 9-10 hours
every day, but nothing in case of central Govt jobs. The work done in bank never pending and lazy or technologically obsolete as compare to Central Govt Jobs. It means banking sector has greater work load. Holidays in banking are lesser and transfer system is also there, sometimes even posted too far from the home ie 1000-1500kms.

After these disadvantages or circumstances why Banking?

Friends, Banking is one of the growing sector and has many chances for the graduates in India. Most respectable job and secure job. Good pay scale and good ranks in banking. In banking sector , a sharp student can goal upto the top rank ie Chairman. Yes, In banking an aspirant can achieve as much he has guts to get , but this is not possible in case of Central Govt Jobs like SSC and other. In top hierarchy only IAS and IPS officers be posted. An SSC employee can't reach to the top rank as in Banking and an SSC aspirants will have to work under IAS or IPS Officers. On the other hand, one of the most important thing ie salary which matters alot for a aspirant, package is very attractive and an aspirant get settled in a short age through this sector with good rank and respect in a society. In society, Bank officer gets much respect and a good thing is that there is not much politics exits/interfere in a banking sector, and only neat and clean work.
We can say that banking is such a big opportunity for aspirants who are preparing or studying in Colleges/Universities. This sector demands employees today, but may not be as much vacancies in the next coming years. So, don't lose this opportunity and grab it now.

For more queries or suggestions you are Welcome to share with us.

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