Friday, 26 February 2016

Some Static GK topics for Upcoming Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. Here in this article we are giving some important topics on which IBPS usually asks questions in various Exams. We have collected some topics and added all in this article. These topics are important for IBPS exams.

Some peaks in India
(Arranged in decreasing order)
1. Kanchendzonga  -  Sikkim
2. Nanda Devi  -  Uttarakhand
3. Saltoro Kangri  -  Jammu and Kashmir
4. Kangto  -  Arunachal Pradesh

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Important key points about Banking GK.

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Welcome to visit Today we are listing some important questions based on banking. The students who are preparing for the competitive exams, should know about these things.

Important key points to know about the Banking GK are:

o   Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was established in 1935 and Nationalized in 1949.
o   Savings Account system in India was started by Presidency Bank, in 1833.
o   Cheque system was first introduced by Bengal Bank which was established in 1784.
o   Allahabad Bank is the oldest existing public sector bank in India.

Mix test based on Reasoning and Quant for upcoming Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. Here we have given some questions based on Reasoning and Quant. Try to solve and analysis your speed, accuracy and time.

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Six friends Hetal, Jayshree, Rohini, Meena, Nidhi and Swati, stay in different areas of a city i.e., Dadar, Matunga, Mulund, Vikroli, Thane and Kanjurmarg not necessarily in the same order. All six have different hobbies which are singing, dancing, drawing, travelling, cooking and reading not
necessarily in the same order.

Practice Puzzles for competitve Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we have given two puzzles with answers. Try to solve puzzles in 5-7 minutes and comment your timing in the comment box. Compare your timing with others.

Puzzle 1:
Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
In an international meet, representatives A, B, C, D, E, F G and H from eight different countries, viz Thailand, France, Holland, Austria, US, Spain, India and Germany (not necessarily in the same order), sit around a circular table facing the centre.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Short Note on FII and FDI.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are giving a 'Short Note on - FII and FDI'. Many aspirants are preparing for banking and other competitive exams, and many a times they read about the terms FII or FDI. Moreover, in news or in other related channels we usually read/listen about these terms. These terms are very important and very simple to understand. We are explaining these simple terms to understand at initial, owing to these terms, further we will put more terms about the banking and economy based on these.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Shares and Stocks: (Simply Explained) What does it mean and how they are differ from each other? How they implement in the real world?

 Dear Aspirants,

Welcome to visit here. Today in this article we are discussing about the most important and usually used terms i.e. Shares and Stocks. It's a fact that if we know the basic concept of the terms, we can understand many things based on it. Here, we have explained this concept in very simple language with examples. You can easily understand the concept in the first reading only.
Our motto is to provide effective material instead of bulky material. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Important topics for various competitive Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we are providing some useful information regarding basic things. We usually read in the general awareness/general knowledge these terms, but we don't know the meaning and related organizations to this. Students who are preparing for the competitive exams, should be aware about the basic knowledge about the organizations also. IBPS, SSC and various conductors of the exams, may ask questions on these basic things also.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Important Game Venues for various competitive exams.

 Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are listing some important game venues, usually asked by competitive examiners.
In the competitive exams some questions asked, common in many exams, one of them is Game Venues. In IBPS Exam, we always have a question on Game Venue. One interesting thing is, Venues will be same upto the given year, though new venues may be add to it. Thus, it is important to keep a file of such type of topics itself. It would be necessary for many upcoming exams.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

IBPS PO- Safe scores for Final Selection.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are discussing about the final result of the IBPS PO.
As we know, IBPS has already declared the score-cards of the aspirants who were qualified for the Interview. Some aspirants have high marks and some have marks around the boundary line. All are in dilemma that the score is enough for the final selection or not. We had already posted an article on the scores secured by the aspirants. Anyways, whatever the score, now the matter is about the final cutoff.

Friday, 12 February 2016

IBPS Clerk Result in dilemma !!! What are the reasons for such a long wait?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here.
Friends, we have seen many aspirant's comments and their eagerness for the Clerk result.As we know, the result is very important to all, because the Exam held once in a Year. The Main Exam was held on 2nd and 3rd January. IBPS usually disclose their results in just 15-20 days. But much time has been passed, but result of Clerk hasn't disclosed yet. This is the main reason aspirants are willing to know their result status and anxious for the result. Even they couldn't concentrate on further exams. To understand and keeping in mind the situation, we have write some issues/problems which are facing by the IBPS and the aspirants too who are curious to know the result.

Important topic for various Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome here to visit. In this article we are discussing about the one of the most important topic on which IBPS, SSC, SBI etc. usually asked questions on it.

When we prepare for the General Knowledge section, we mostly confused about the topics what already covered and which topic has been left. All aspirants passed through the situation when prepare for an exam. In this situation we forgot to read about some known and basic things about the Indian History or something related to this.

BASEL Norms (Explained in Very Simple Language) - What are BASEL Norms and how they are implement?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are discussing about the most important article in banking i.e. BASEL Norms. Every time we left this topic because of confusion/tough or anythings related to this. But here, we have explained it with easy examples and in very simple language to rip off the confusion. You can understand this concept easily with one reading only.

Recently we have heard many times that Government is infusing money in Public Sector Banks. But why Government is imposing money in banks, firstly we have to understand the term BASEL ACCORD.
In general, Basel is a city in Switzerland where HQ of Bureau of International Settlement (BIS) established in this city. BIS was established in 1930, is the world's oldest international financial organization. The main goal of BIS is protect banks from unexpected financial crisis and maintain financial stability in the banks.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Important topics which covers the whole syllabus of General Awarenss Section in various IBPS Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are discussing about the important topics in general awarenss.
General Awareness is a most important section in banking exams. In this section IBPS asked various questions on various topic to judge the awareness of an aspirant. Good knowledge of topics on which questions are asked, is a boon to secure good marks in this section. We have mentioned all topics in this section, should study in this manner. Keep in mind that no any topic left by you. In this manner you can easily prepare for each topic without any chance to miss the topic. 

Best and easiest way to solve Syllogism, including tricky and possibility cases.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we are discussing about the most important topic in IBPS Exams i.e. Syllogism.
Syllogism is usually asked in IBPS Exams. We can say this topic always asked by IBPS in exams. The level of difficulty varies with the level of exams conducted by IBPS.

Friends, we found that syllogism exists in every exam with five marks. If we would sharpen our skills to clear all questions in this topic with accuracy, these five marks are free for us. So we are providing you a very simple and effective way to solve Syllogism. Most important things to note that, try to use only one method to solve questions in this topic. If you are using Venn Diagram to solve the questions, then try with this method only to solve all questions. Never try different methods to solve different levels of questions. You can easily sort out all questions with Venn-Diagram.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Most tricky and CONFUSING DAYS asked in the Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. Today we are discussing about the topic which is very important for competitive exams.

IBPS Usually asked about the different days in the exams. IBPS never asks question in a straight-forward way. Questions asked by the IBPS are somewhat tricky. In the exam time we usually confuse on days when asked about national or international day.

What are the major differences between SSC and IBPS Exams?

Dear aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. Today we are discussing about the difference in SSC and IBPS exams.
Today many aspirants want to prepare for competitive exams to get Govt. Job. SSC and IBPS are two most significant sectors who recruit many students every year. Students always confuse to prepare for SSC or IBPS exams. What are these and what type of pattern or syllabus for these two exams, all these doubts we will clear in this article.

What is the major difference between these two exams?
For most Govt. Job aspirants, IBPS PO and SSC CGL (Graduate Level) exams are primary opportunities.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How scores are calculated by IBPS?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we will discuss about the scoring calculations by the IBPS Exam.
Friends, we have noticed that many aspirants who got less marks, even they had attempted sufficient questions. Actually score depends upon various circumstances. One of the most general reason is accuracy, an accuracy plays very important role in the total score. 

What are the various other reasons of deduction in marks?
We all know about he negative marking, which effects much on the score. On the other hand, when IBPS organize exams on different days in the weekends, difficulty level and marks scored by aspirants in different shifts shows difference in the marks.Some shifts got high difficulty level and got moderate. To normalize this figure and provide fair selection

IBPS PO-Marks are less, it doesn’t mean game is over and if marks are good, it doesn’t mean 100% selection.

Dear aspirants,
You all are welcome to visit here. We are trying our best to provide you best service and best information about the exams.

Friends, as we know the marks are disclosed by the IBPS yesterday, and some aspirants are happy and some aspirants are worry about the marks.

The aspirants who has marks at the boundary line, they are worry and they have intended that the game is over. But this is not true and no need to worry. If someone has low marks with very good interview, it means he/she would select definitely.

Monday, 8 February 2016

IBPS PO- After scorecard when Final Result will disclose?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. As we know the score-card for IBPS PO has been released yesterday. On the same day we had added the post regarding score-card disclosure and finally IBPS has released it.

Anyways after score- card what will be the next step by the IBPS?
This question raised by many aspirants, but hardly any site has disclose about this query. But no need to worry, we are here to help you on the situation what the students demand in this time. In this mean time students are eager to know the further process by the IBPS about the final result and banks allotment.

IBPS-PO Scorecard released.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here.
Today we had added the post in the blog regarding the scorecard and finally IBPS has released it on the same day.

IBPS has released most awaited scorecard for IBPS-PO (V) who were qualified for the interview process.

Click here for scorecard.

Thanks and stay tuned with us.

Speed, Accuracy and Time in IBPS Exams.

Dear aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this post we are discussing about the very important thing i.e. Speed, Accuracy and Time. These three things plays very important role in the IBPS Exams.

Why and how these things are very important in the IBPS Exams.
We know IBPS organize exam online across the country. In online system, questions are displayed one at a time. As many as there are 200 questions for mostly exams and total sections are 5 i.e. Reasoning, Quant, English, GK and Computer.

Speed: There are 200 questions and we have to attempt as much as possible, also we have to keep in the mind that we have to look for every subject

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Scorecard for IBPS PO V will declare soon.

Dear aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. 
Our moto:
We always keep in mind and provide service ahead of the notes that is providing by the various sites. As many sites have bulky material, but what to read and what is important, how to read etc. are the important things which are very useful and nobody tells online. This blog is like a tutor for those aspirants who want proper guidance or good starting to achieve goal

IBPS 2016 vacancies (approx.) and selection procedure.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit We are going to explaining the selection procedure of an IBPS Exam 2016 as per the procedure in the previous years.

In 2016 IBPS is going to taking exams on RBI, Clerk, PO, RRB, SO

Eligibility for the new IBPS 2016 recruitment Project VI.

Dear aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. IBPS is giving great opportunity for banking career. Banking is one of the most respectful and growing sector. The job is not contractual and the salary packages are very good in this sector. No politics involves and neat and clean work in the department undergoes.

Recently IBPS has released its calendar for 2016. In this calendar IBPS has given dates to take test on PO, RRB and Clerk and Specialist Officer.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Important topic-Deadlock. What is deadlock, its conditions and what are its recovery methods?

Dear aspirants,
Welcome to visit here, we are discussing here most important topic i.e. Deadlock.
When two or more operations are waiting for each other in an arrangement called deadlock.
Deadlock exists among a set of processes if
        Every process is waiting for an event
        This event can be caused only by another process in the set
          Event is the acquire of release of another resource.

Necessary conditions for deadlock to exist:
        Mutual Exclusion
          At least one resource must be held is in non-sharable mode
        Hold and wait
          There exists a process holding a resource, and waiting for another

DBMS- Most important topic and mostly asked questions from this topic.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here Today we are discussing most important topic in computers i.e. DBMS (Data Base Management System). And those students who are not computer backgrounds must read this. We will discuss in easiest way and in brief.

What is DBMS and why it is most important?
When we read about new topic we mostly confuse what to read and how to read and where to start the topic. When we start with good guidance we can understand the whole concept easily. We are explaining here the basic concept of DBMS,

IBPS - IT Specialist Officer job profile and salary. And how it is differ from PO?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. Today we are discussing about the profile and salary for IT officer.
IT officer in banks basically provides technical assistance in the banks. An IT Officer maintain and monitor the networking and communication

Networking- Usually asked questions on this topic. What are these?

Dear Aspirants,
You all are welcome to visit here. Today we will tell you the most important topic i.e. A Networking in which maximum questions asked by IBPS (mostly in case of IBPS SO).

What is networking?
First of all before go in deep, Just understand the basic definition. Connecting two or more devices to share data and communicate with each other is called networking. In this way many terms models etc. are used to connect devices with each other. After connected how data is share, again new terms will arise. After this how to secure data

Friday, 5 February 2016

Importance of Computer section in IBPS Exams.

Dear aspirants,
Welcome to all in our blog. We are glad that you are part to this blog. We all are eager to help you time to time when the exams days came.

What students usually do with this section?
One of the most easies section in the IBPS Exams. In clerical the marks weightage is 40 and in PO it is 20. The weightage is as high as with reasoning and quant. We always give focus on reasoning and quant on which mostly students are weak. But as an easy subject we take it lightly and we don’t take computer serious as compare to quant and reasoning.

Suggestion, feedback or any query you may ask us/ tell us. Will helpful for us also.

Dear Aspirants,
We are here to help aspirants to how to prepare yourself for an exam. We don’t provide material because material is enough on many websites and only good material can’t bring you at the top. 

Proper guidance, smart work, and some precautions etc are things that can be helpful to reach at a goal in small time. That’s a thing what we usually do for are visiters.

For this thing we have to get suggestions and feedback because we want to know what our visiters want from us or any suggestions.
You are highly obliged for suggestions and any query regarding this blog. And it will be helpful for us also to analysis with related comments.

Thank you stay tuned with us.
Have a good day.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Exam preparation? A brief note on -- how to crack an exam with less efforts?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. Here we are discussing about to crack an exam.
Friends, we always set an aim to reach at a point/level but due to some weakness/mistakes we usually left aback to achieve.

Why we left aback?
Actually we usually make efforts on tuff subjects rather to make efforts on simple subjects. If we are weak in Quant then we usually make efforts and after frustration we get depressed and then again google for material. Sometimes we become unable to secure minimum marks in one section and get high marks in other. It may called as imbalanced study which gives negative results. Due to this routine even some people left the game and choose private job. This is a lack of proper guidance and good direction.

What should to do?
We should make an aim that we have to take high marks with minimum sectional cutoff. And we can take high marks in easy subjects

IBPS Exam- English language hurdle : How to learn vocabulary in the a correct way?

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here, today we will discuss about the most important thing i.e how to learn Vocabulary. We will discuss in short. Yesterday we have discussed about the English language.

What is vocabulary and it effects on English language?
Vocabulary are the meanings that are used in the language. Without knowing this we can not understand the exact meaning of the sentence.  Without vocabulary you can’t talk write etc. Vocabulary plays a important role in English language.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Weak in English. What is the correct way to improve it?

Dear aspirants,
Welcome here to visit, as you know matter discuss on main points only. Read it must, will helpful to all.

Two main points of english language are: One to understand and second to speak. Both are important because they are interrelated to each other.

English language, one of the big hurdle for one of them who is not good in English or whose native language is not English, in the IBPS, Railway, SSC or any other exam. Moreover aspirants are unable to get sectional cutoff in English language. Again when merit comes, due to low marks in English as compare to other ,hence out from the competition.

Why we are weak in English?
First of all, keep in mind English is not a subject, it’s a language and language is what we speak in daily routine.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why IBPS has given another notification for Clerk result rather than to disclose Result?

Dear Aspirants,
       Welcome to all, we will discuss this matter in short.
As IBPS already mentioned in the notification of the clerks that there will be interview process, but now our Finance Ministry is saying to abolish interview process even the notification was posted by IBPS in the month of July – August 2015. So what to do in this situation to give justice to all aspirants who deserve it.

Salary structure of Bank PO and Clerk in Banking sector after 15% hike in salary.

Dear aspirant,
First of all, Welcome to our blog , we always discuss important things in  short because many of us have no much time to read bulky things. Thus, we usually add main points which are useful.

Salary is the main focus at all on which aspirants fight competitive exams.

So what are the perks and salary for Bank officers:
Salary varies with cities

Monday, 1 February 2016

IBPS SO (IT Officer)-What should we have to study and what is the strategy to crack it? What are most Important topics?

Dear Aspirants,
First of all, you all are welcome to our blog. As you know we never discuss extra bulky things rather we discuss only main points which are really helpful and aspirants can read it

Let us discuss according to subject-wise.
1.Reasoning 50 marks weightage - mostly like PO Exam(May not be as difficult as in this year). Scoring section.
2.Quant 50 - like PO- Moderate to difficult.
3.English only 25- moderate

Why Banking sector is different from Central Govt Employees?

Dear Aspirants,
First of all, clear one thing, Banking is not a purely govt job. As they are called as PSU's. Unlike central govt employees they are not gazetted officers and are not allowed to attest copies of certificates.

Let's discuss about the clear concept behind it. And we will discuss in brief with main points only.

Banking sector comes under the Finance Ministry of India and called as PSU's except RBI.  Working hours are streched to 9-10 hours

Reasons for delay in IBPS Clerk V results.

Dear aspirants,

First thing, interviews are very important for the recruitment process. But due to corruption or relevant to this, it has been rip off from there for Class III and IV recruitment.
All of us know one mark (or even in points) plays a huge role to get in, due to this some deserving candidates left aback due to no known relatives in Banking sector or anywhere else.

But, person to select without interview is a big problem facing by IBPS in now a days, however in the notifications, mentioned

What will be the Expected Cutoff of the Clerk V?

Expected Cut off:
Without Interview, it is obvious cut off will go high. But how much effect will this over the marks.
As we know the ratio between these is 80:20.
All should know that written marks are much more effective, now how much score is safe.
Add 15-20 marks from previous year cutoff. We can not say that in all states only 15-20 marks will go high. It may vary with vacancies and competition level.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Reasoning, Quant or English. Which one is the top hurdle in exams?

Hello Friends, which one is the difficult subject and how to overcome from that one difficult subject.
What are your opinions to help others over these big subjects in exams?

Reviews on : Discontinuation of Interview process in Class III and IV Jobs.

What are your views over it?

You can share your opinions with this portal.
Best review will be displayed with name and the reason.