Saturday, 13 February 2016

IBPS PO- Safe scores for Final Selection.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are discussing about the final result of the IBPS PO.
As we know, IBPS has already declared the score-cards of the aspirants who were qualified for the Interview. Some aspirants have high marks and some have marks around the boundary line. All are in dilemma that the score is enough for the final selection or not. We had already posted an article on the scores secured by the aspirants. Anyways, whatever the score, now the matter is about the final cutoff.

Friends, we can’t predict for exact cutoff, but we can predict for safe scores. Here, we are showing the safe scores in different categories. Keep in mind final selection mostly based on written marks. As the marks will be high in written, more chances to get selected. 

Main Exam Cutoff
Safe Score
Hearing Impaired (HI)
Visually Impaired (VI)
Orthopedically Challenged (OC)

The marks are shown just as a safe score. The final cutoff will be around the score as depicted above. It may decrease, depends on the aspirants who have not attended the interview because of the reason that they have already selected in SBI PO or in the other recruitment process. 
 The waiting list would be .2-.3 marks less than the final score.

 How marks are calculated in Final Selection 

 As you know, total score calculated in the ratio- 80:20 i.e. written score (200 Marks) will convert into 80 marks and similarly Interview (100 Marks) into 20 marks.

For Example:
An aspirant secured 95 marks in General Category.
Then in conversion of 80 marks it would become: 95*80/200= 38 (Here 200 is the total marks in written)
In the same way if Interview marks are 75, it would be: 75*20/100=15 (Here 100 is the total marks in Interview)
Total final score = Written + Interview i.e. 38+15=53.
Based on this score, aspirant will be allotted with a bank according to the preference was given.

 Most probably, the Final score will be disclose on 1st April, 2016.
We wish for positive result to all. Thank you and stay tuned with us.  
And Happy Valentine's to all of you friends from 99 Smart Review Team.

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