Tuesday, 9 February 2016

IBPS PO-Marks are less, it doesn’t mean game is over and if marks are good, it doesn’t mean 100% selection.

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Friends, as we know the marks are disclosed by the IBPS yesterday, and some aspirants are happy and some aspirants are worry about the marks.

The aspirants who has marks at the boundary line, they are worry and they have intended that the game is over. But this is not true and no need to worry. If someone has low marks with very good interview, it means he/she would select definitely.
Because if low marks could never be in the game, then why IBPS had called them for interviews. It means all students called for the interview has chances to get selected. One thing we may consider that lower marks aspirants will get the bank lowest in the priority list. So no need to worry about the marks. Whatever there would be, leave it. We have to try hard for the upcoming exams. Never stop preparation, until the final goal to achieve.

On the other hand, who have good marks in IBPS PO, they have good chances to get selected. But this is not 100% sure at all. Even students may disqualify in interviews. Get low marks in the interview will effect much on the final selection. Selection bears on the decimal points. So never leave preparation, until the job offer letter in your hands.

Always be positive and focus on the upcoming exams. 99SmartReview team's best wishes with you.
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