Thursday, 11 February 2016

Important topics which covers the whole syllabus of General Awarenss Section in various IBPS Exams.

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to visit here. In this article we are discussing about the important topics in general awarenss.
General Awareness is a most important section in banking exams. In this section IBPS asked various questions on various topic to judge the awareness of an aspirant. Good knowledge of topics on which questions are asked, is a boon to secure good marks in this section. We have mentioned all topics in this section, should study in this manner. Keep in mind that no any topic left by you. In this manner you can easily prepare for each topic without any chance to miss the topic. 

Here a list of most important topics which cover the whole syllabus in General Awareness Section:
Keep in mind always current events/affairs are asked by IBPS in their exams. 
  • Banking and Economics News
  • Banking terms Repo rate, SLR etc. and their schemes 
  • Capitals and Currency of the Countries.(Mostly in news)  
  • Important days which are celebrated earlier.(mostly days are asked from the months on which exam is held).  
  • Sports news- latest sports, world cup venues in the current year and in upcoming years.
  • Hydro-power Dams, National Parks, Thermal Power station-names, place, big, recently established etc.
  • Constituencies of the Ministers.
  • Books and author names which are recently released/launched.
  • Population Census 2011
  • Awards-Films,OSCAR, Grammy, National etc.
  • Persons in News-Death, famous, in news
  • Current Events
  • MoU's/deals with different countries-Japan, China, Nepal etc.
  • Visits of PM Modi, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley etc.
  • International Headquaters and Organizations
  • Ambassador to different Countries
  • Ranking in different Indexes
  • New President or PM elected in different Countries
  • New banks opened like small, payment banks, bandhan banks etc.
  • New schemes launched
  • Science and Technology news-NASA, ISRO, Navy, Airforce, Missiles etc. in news .
  • Business News
  • Financial and Banking Terminology-PIN, PAN, MICR, IFSC, NEFT, RTGS etc.
  • Recent appointments
  • Stock exchange
  • Recent places popular and their events like festivals etc.
  • Recent summits
  • Most influential People-richest, to ranks by Fortune or by Times Magazine.
  • Themes of various campaigns like ebola, womens day etc.
  • Latest invention and Discoveries.
  • Business Deals
Note:We have tried our best to cover all topics. If you have any topic which is important and we have missed here, type it in the comment section, we would update it as soon as possible.

Thank you. Stay tuned with us.

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