Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Most tricky and CONFUSING DAYS asked in the Exams.

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Welcome to visit here. Today we are discussing about the topic which is very important for competitive exams.

IBPS Usually asked about the different days in the exams. IBPS never asks question in a straight-forward way. Questions asked by the IBPS are somewhat tricky. In the exam time we usually confuse on days when asked about national or international day.

And these days are look like same by name and date also but different in month name, when asked for national or international. Many times we read books or magazines for competitive exams and we found a topic on important days. We see days usually given in mixed manner with both national and international days. We read at the time of preparation, but due to lack of concentration on the tricky days, we got confused at the exam time. At the same time, we got blank about the correct answer. On this situation, sometimes we hit the answer on which we are not sure. And we got negative mark when it got wrong. Keep in mind hit and trial method never gives good result specially for the exams which deduct marks on wrong answers. To overcome this problem, we are providing you a set of very useful and confusing days. IBPS usually asked one of these tricky days in the Exams.

Here are some CONFUSING/ TRICKY DAYS which are same in name and date also but different meaning when asked for National or International day:
  • National Youth Day : January 12
  • International Youth Day : August 12
  • National Teachers' Day : September 5
  • International Teachers' Day : October 5
  • National Tourism Day : January 25
  • International Tourism Day : September 27
  • National Children's Day : November 14
  • International Children's Day : June 1
  • Universal Children's Day: 20 November
  • National Consumer Day : December 24
  • International Consumer Day : March 15
  • National Postal Day : October 10
  • International Postal Day : October 9
  • National Blood Donation Day : October 1
  • World Blood Donors Day : June 14
 We have tried our best to provide most confusing days. If any one left out, type it in the comment section. We will update it soon.
Thank you and stay tuned for us. We will try to post some more tricky questions for competitive Exams.

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