Thursday, 4 February 2016

IBPS Exam- English language hurdle : How to learn vocabulary in the a correct way?

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Welcome to visit here, today we will discuss about the most important thing i.e how to learn Vocabulary. We will discuss in short. Yesterday we have discussed about the English language.

What is vocabulary and it effects on English language?
Vocabulary are the meanings that are used in the language. Without knowing this we can not understand the exact meaning of the sentence.  Without vocabulary you can’t talk write etc. Vocabulary plays a important role in English language.
But how much meanings you can learn or rote, this is a common problem in all.How much bulky vocabulary you can learn. In other sites you amy get many vocabulary words but no one tells the way to learn it.  You can learn words 50,100,150,200 or more. Now again one more thing how much time you retain it without rote 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or an year. After this you will again lose what you rote or learn. So what to do if this is a common problem in all.

How to read and capture vocabulary?
Friends every word in English has a perfect arrangements of alphabets. Words don’t differ with the alphabets according the meaning. Every alphabet string in English has a genuine meaning. This is called etymology. This Etymology makes the words, if you will have good command on etymology,  you can’t only understand the meaning even you can make the words of English at your own.

What is Etymology and how it works?
We will explain it with example.

Suppose we have a word Astronomer.  In Greek astron means star and nomos means arrangement or order or law. So the meaning of this word you can understand easily.
Similarily, Astrologer- astro means star and logy means study. The practitioner is an astrologer. [Pandits are type of an astrologer.]
Astronaut- astro means star and nautical means sailor, means a sailor among the stars.
Asterisk- means the star symbol in computer.
Biography, Bio means life and graphy means to write. Easily understandable meaning.
Similarily, geography- geo means earth mapping and graphy means to write.
Geometry- Geo means earth mapping and metric means measurement.
This is called etymology and that’s a way to learn vocabulary and in this way you can learn meanings whole life. Just an example to tell you what is etymology and arrangement of words works.

 Friends huge/bulky vocabulary you can find on websites but no one tells how to learn and capture and what is the correct way to capture. Hard working and smart working are different from each other. If you can learn the language in few days and kept in mind for whole life then its a good way rather to search many sites for material and hence is a wastage of time.

Where you will get these types of etymology words and alphabets to learn?
Go through a book called ‘Word power made easy by Norman Lewis’. You will find huge etymology alphabets to not learn but work with it.
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