Monday, 1 February 2016

Reasons for delay in IBPS Clerk V results.

Dear aspirants,

First thing, interviews are very important for the recruitment process. But due to corruption or relevant to this, it has been rip off from there for Class III and IV recruitment.
All of us know one mark (or even in points) plays a huge role to get in, due to this some deserving candidates left aback due to no known relatives in Banking sector or anywhere else.

But, person to select without interview is a big problem facing by IBPS in now a days, however in the notifications, mentioned
an interview then how they can now refuse and what should do in place of interview. How to select a right person without know him. A person with good marks may not good in all fields. Then, how to give a responsible job to a person which is not suitable to face customers in a bank. These are the ambiguities,hence results are late.

On the other hand, IBPS never delay in notifications and delay in history, but due to some circumstances, cited above, results are late. Corporate with IBPS. It will helpful to all because in hurry, a wrong step can spoil someone's future.
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