Friday, 12 February 2016

IBPS Clerk Result in dilemma !!! What are the reasons for such a long wait?

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Friends, we have seen many aspirant's comments and their eagerness for the Clerk result.As we know, the result is very important to all, because the Exam held once in a Year. The Main Exam was held on 2nd and 3rd January. IBPS usually disclose their results in just 15-20 days. But much time has been passed, but result of Clerk hasn't disclosed yet. This is the main reason aspirants are willing to know their result status and anxious for the result. Even they couldn't concentrate on further exams. To understand and keeping in mind the situation, we have write some issues/problems which are facing by the IBPS and the aspirants too who are curious to know the result.

As we know IBPS never late in results in history. But due to the discontinuation of the Interview process, our honorable PM had told in the statement on Republic day, IBPS in dilemma. IBPS had already mentioned in the notification, and strategy was already set by the IBPS to select the right person through various processes including Interview (most important part to select the right person). At this mode of time, Our Finance Ministry has typed a letter to IBPS for discontinuation of the Interview process. On this matter, IBPS is anxious, how to select right person without interview, even we have not set any other test instead of Interview and the recruitment notification was disclosed in the month of June-July, 2015, IBPS has sent a letter to Government for such a situation. Hence, IBPS is waiting for the approval from the Government to move ahead.

IBPS can disclose result in a while, but without the approval of the Government, IBPS can do nothing in this regard. IBPS is also anxious and eager to disclose result, because IBPS knows the pressure endure by the aspirants in this situation. We can not say that IBPS is faulty in this regard, though he is unable to do nothing before Government approval. When the Government will disclose his decision, IBPS would come in motion. Till,  IBPS has nothing to disclose about the result, even can't predict the date.

So Don't try to abuse or prick IBPS in this situation. Keep patience and try to understand the situation. It may be better to the aspirants who deserve for this job, instead of undeserving candidates. We always says that-'No student is better in all manners/fields, if he/she has good marks in an Exam'.

Most probably, the result may disclose this month. We wish positive result to all. Thank you, Stay tuned with us.

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